“Strait Jacket” (2008 anime) review



I decided to watch this on Netflix because it looked cool.  I pretty much judged it by its cover. Let’s see how this turns out.


The setting is in the fictional town of Tristan where people transform into demons and the demons maliciously kill people with cruel intentions.  Traditional weapons like guns have no harm on these creatures.  It takes a handful of skilled warriors called “tactical sorceresses” to combat the once human demons with various spells, armor, abilities, and an enormous rail gun with special bullets.

These tactical sorceresses have their limitations though.  Each time a spell is cast, it brings him one step closer to becoming a demon himself which means the job is high risk, high reward.  Leiot Steinberg and Isaac Hammond are both tactical sorceresses, but both have different agendas and come from different backgrounds.  Both have their own way of doing things.


I enjoyed it because this movie had something I seek when watching an anime movie or series I’m unfamiliar with and that is action.  This movie provided lots of it with all the blood splattering, gun firing, and high octane killing.  Within the first few minutes of the movie, there were a lot of gory scenes and graphic ways to see someone die. Good thing this wasn’t live action or else I would have gotten sick.


It took me a while to figure out what this movie was about due to not being familiarized with the series nor reading the synopsis.  Once I got the hang of it, I was good to go.

I did want to learn more about Isaac’s background on why he really decided to become a tactical sorceress and what his sister actually went to college for.  His sister was working in a small mom and pop shop which is why I was wondering what she went for.  I also wondered how much these tactical sorceresses get paid since Isaac put his sister through college so I assumed it must have been a very decent paying job.


I was figuring out what to watch, and thought that I should give this a chance which worked out well for me considering I have a habit of ordering food/beverages at various establishments without looking at the menu.  In this case, I didn’t read the synopsis.  I liked how it was different than some of the other things I’ve seen in the world of anime.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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