“Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne” (2008 anime) review



I decided to watch an anime series but didn’t want to watch 60 episodes or something. I wanted to watch a short series and found this on Netflix. I had no idea what it was about and decided to watch it regardless what it was about.


This story takes place over several decades in the Shinjuku District of Tokyo, Japan with Rin Asogi as the main protagonist along with her assistant, Mimi.  They both are immortal females who gained their abilities by ingesting a time fruit which allowed them to live eternally without aging.  If they take the time fruit at their current state, then they’ll obtain their current state.  If any immortal is hurt, they are able to regenerate and heal over time depending on the severity of the injury.  Men are able to take the time fruit as well, but it has different effects on them.  If men take it in, they’ll turn into angels, but these angels are not the ones from heaven.  These angels are vicious and are more along the lines of demons.  They feed on the immortals by trapping them having their way with them.  Immortals can sense the angels when they are near because of the pain they experience in their guts.

Rin and Mimi both attempt to live normal lives but are unable to because of the lack of adrenaline which allows them to truly live.  They do odd jobs, but some lead them into a lot of danger including facing assassination attempts and angels.  Over the course of the series, Rin finds out the lineage of her kind and what her destiny is.


I like that this story focuses on a female lead protagonist who isn’t afraid to be feminine yet could kick some ass.  I enjoy that she can kill some folks with throwing daggers instead of the traditional guns or swords.

Even though Japan and the United States are worlds apart, I feel that I could understand the entire story without having it dumbed down for me.  It took some time though.  It was interesting to see everyone around Rin and Mimi age while they didn’t.  It was also interesting to see the whole world change through the decades from people having to use payphones to call people to computers that just appear at will in the sky like in the live action movie for “Iron Man”.


Over the course of the series, I’m just saying “What the f*ck!” several times because of the content that shocked me often.  The ones that shocked me the most were any of the scenes that involved nudity like a few of the torture scenes, rape scenes, and sex scenes.  I am also shocked with the introduction of a hermaphrodite which weirds me out enough already.

I did feel that this series is for adults only as it explores action and erotic concepts at the same time which explains the mature audiences rating.  I also feel like it does force the sex onto the public often with the sexual torture and the willingness to bare all.  These immortal females prostituted themselves quite often like when Mimi has to have lesbian sex just to get information during an investigation.


I guess shock would describe this entire series in one word.  I really did get uncomfortable considering I only saw hentai for the first time this year.  I also learned about the world of hentai, yuri, and yaoi films this year as well which made this movie awkward for me.  Animated nudity and sex especially involving supernatural beings are just a foreign concept I have yet to grasp.  Rape also makes me feel uncomfortable as well.  This definitely is the biggest mind f*ck of all the anime films or series I have seen to date.

Well, I watched this series because the thought of an independent woman fighting evil intrigued me.  I was also interested on how they could tell Rin’s story in a six episode series.  I didn’t expect all the stuff that was included with the entire series.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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