“Blood: The Last Vampire” (2009 Chinese/French movie) review





I decided to watch this movie on Netflix randomly.  I had no idea what it was about, but the cover looked pretty cool with a chick holding a sword.  I hoped it would be decent.


Saya is a half vampire and half human who exists to hunt down other vampires especially one named Onigen who killed her father and another vampire responsible for the death of her caretaker.  She is on a mission onto an American military base in nearby Tokyo, Japan to kill some bottom feeding vampires in hopes to lure out Onigen so she can finish that being once and for all.

At the start of the movie, she is on a mission working for an agency called “The Council” but things take a turn for the worse as they are killed and must survive to see the day where she gets her dream encounter.  She is also assisted by Alice McKee, the daughter of the general of the military base.  After witnessing the death of her father, both Saya and Alice must work together to avenge the deaths of their loved ones.


If you want to watch a movie where a cute looking Asian school girl kicks some ass and is masterful with the kitana sword, then this is your movie.  Saya is a character you can easily like because of the reasons stated just now.  She is a no nonsense chick who will cut your throat if she must but will spare your life because she could.  I believe she could hold a record for most kills by a female in a movie, but I could be wrong.


Besides the kick ass scenes Saya has, everything else was sub par.  The acting was unbelievably unbelievable.  It had the acting of a straight to DVD movie.  The CGI was so cheesy especially the blood, it would make the folks at the SyFy channel blush a bit. I guess creating blood via computers was a lot easier for the editing team than making fake blood.  The story was off too, but that’s for you to see.  If you’re a hardcore movie buff who has to point out all the inconsistencies and complain often about how bad it is, then it’s not for you.


You know the saying, “Never judge a book by its cover”?  Well, I did exactly that.  The cute Asian school girl got me which is why I ended up watching the movie.  I actually assumed it was going to be in Japanese or Chinese because of the outfit, but it ended up in English.  Well, I decided not to read the synopsis for this movie.  I’ve learned why it didn’t do too well in the box office in the United States.  It was super cheesy to the maximum level.  It was entertaining nonetheless due to the fight scenes.

It also reminded me of a certain hero from Marvel Comics that was a half vampire and half human.  I believe that the character was played by Wesley Snipes. Hmm…!!! That’s right! This movie reminded me of a cheesier Asian female version of “Blade”.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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