Timtastic’s Top 10 “Street Fighter” themes



Hey guys! This is my first entry in the top 10 lists. These lists reflect how I think as other members of Sturdy Pine have their own lists as well. I encourage you to debate what deserves what ranking and what doesn’t.

This is for my personal top 10 Street Fighter themes. It is not game specific like the “Super Turbo” or even up to the SF IV series. It’s just themes that I liked overall the most. It is just character specific themes, not stage specific. It also includes maybe some memories I had about the character. Overall all the themes are the same except over time, they have gone through remixes and changes. Enjoy!

10. Fei Long

Why is it ranked this high?: Fei Long is a character based off of Bruce Lee as you can tell how he fights. When you play at his stage whether he’s there or not, you feel that Hong Kong cinema aura with the Phoenix in the background.

Why isn’t it #1?: Let’s be real. His theme does have the stereotypical Chinese sounding music. It also doesn’t help that I rarely played his stage in the “Super Turbo” series nor did I encounter many people that actually did. I never played in his level often too.

9. Chun-Li

Why is it ranked this high?: Chun-Li may be the most well-known female fighting game character of all time. She was the first female fighting game character in fact. Most girls would play as her since she is a source of strength for all the ladies. She is a tough cookie amongst the boys. The chick from China needs a theme that sounds Chinese, right?

Why isn’t it #1?: Since most of mainstream America remember her from Street Fighter II regardless of which edition it is, people still remember her stage. Her song reminds me of a China where it’s just dirt roads, people doing illegal gambling, and killing chickens publicly.

8. Zangief

Why is it ranked this high?: Zangief is known as the guy who “protects the Russian skies”. He is known to be the first grappler in fighting game history. In a world where most people like chucking fireballs, he proves that over the top wrestling moves can hang with any martial art. It helps that his theme doesn’t sound too Russian.

Why isn’t it #1?: As this character was introduced before the official fall of the Soviet Union, he is still listed as a character from the U.S.S.R. Us Americans were beefing with the Soviets when the game was made. That is minus brownie points right there. Although his theme has received some jazziness over the years, it didn’t take until recent times that I noticed that his theme was legit.

7. Dhalsim

Why is it ranked this high?: Dhalsim may be the most obscure character in the history of Street Fighter with the ability to levitate, teleport, breathe fire, stretch the limbs, and be strong for someone considered to be anorexic. His long limbs and his Yoga Fire attack have long annoyed people in front of those elephants to go along with his Bollywood type theme song.

Why isn’t it #1?: In most of the versions of Street Fighter II, it occasionally got annoying just hearing mostly the elephants screaming. I didn’t get to officially enjoy the theme until later on in my current life. Because of my youth, I didn’t get to experience how awesome the theme actually was and still is.

6. Cammy

Why is it ranked this high?: Cammy is the second playable female character in the Street Fighter universe. Although she has held second fiddle over the years to Chun-Li as the dominant girl, she has more than held her own. In fact, she has stepped up from the lowest of tiers in “Super Turbo” to S tier in “Arcade Edition 2012”. Her theme to go along with that weird sky stage was pure hype.

Why isn’t it #1?: Like most of the characters I stated, I didn’t get to enjoy her theme until I got older when I went back to play “Super Turbo” or when I started playing in the SF IV series. It isn’t until now that I appreciate the song itself.

5. Ken

Why is it ranked this high?: Known as Ryu’s training partner and the master of the flaming Shoryuken, he may have the hypest theme music excluding some selective characters I’ll talk about in a bit. His theme is so epic. He has the ability to light dudes on fire if they dare step into his turf.

Why isn’t it #1?: Realistically, Ken will always fall second fiddle to Ryu. Sure, Ken has more money, a wife, a stable lifestyle, and more flash than substance, but people haven’t accepted him as the #1 shooto overall.

4. Ryu

Why is it ranked this high?: Ryu aka ordinary guy is possibly the most popular character in the history of Street Fighter. He’s the only character to have been in every version of Street Fighter along with the crossover series with Marvel, Tatsunoko, and SNK. The headband is synonymous with how martial artists should look. His theme brought pure hype to the game as his stage was in Japan at night. People liked him more than Ken because he was a regular dude that strived to get better all the time and didn’t have everything except hard work and dedication.

Why isn’t it #1?: Because Ryu has been in every fighting game, some people may have gotten bored of him even though he has gone through some changes. He does have a stale character which may have affected his theme music.

3. Sakura

Why is it ranked this high?: Sakura is a Japanese schoolgirl who aspires to be great like Ryu. Her theme reflects her aspirations and ambitions to reach greatness. It also helps that her theme will get you pumped up to play. The theme is pretty pleasant as well.

Why isn’t it #1?: Unfortunately, even though she has one of the coolest theme songs from the Street Fighter world, it doesn’t survive the test of time. Only the pure longtime fans would appreciate the greatness of her theme song.

2. Balrog

Why is it ranked this high?: To us Americans, he’s Balrog. To the Japanese, he’s M. Bison. Globally, he’s “Boxer”. No matter what we refer him as, we can all agree that his theme music brings the glitz and glamour of the Golden Nugget to your screen. Las Vegas is the fight capital of the world.

Why isn’t it #1?: That’s easy. There’s only one theme that can topple that and can withstand the test of time.

1. Guile

Why is it ranked this high?:  It goes with everything.  It exemplifies everything and anything patriotic.  It’s the song you listen to when you make a comeback.  There is no theme from the “Street Fighter” universe that can top this one.

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