“Gorgeous” (1999 Chinese movie) review



I once decided to watch this movie starring Jackie Chan because I’m a huge fan of his and wanted to see how it stacks up against many of his well known classics in the United States and Asia.


Bu is a girl from a small village in Taiwan who one day stumbles across a message in the bottle.  She decided to seek out the person who sent the message in Hong Kong only to fall in love with another man, CN, who is a smart, wealthy man that owns a high profiled recycling company.  Their love gets interrupted by rival organizations, thugs, and a man who challenges CN to a battle of martial arts skill.


The fight scene was enjoyable because he fights not out of survival or revenge, but rather out of competition.  Nothing much was on the line except the pride and dignity of who’s the best.  Another neat thing was that CN’s opponent was smaller and faster than him.  In other movies, Jackie’s opponents can occasionally be much bigger than him.

This is a whole lot different than a lot of Jackie Chan’s films.  Usually there are stunts and fight scenes by the dozens.  This one was more down tempo and required more acting from Jackie himself.  This included more love scenes and getting to know Jackie from a different perspective.


As a fan of his, I always expect the typical Jackie films.  I always expect massive fight scenes, epic stunts, and hilarious jaw dropping mishaps in the end credits.  Jackie didn’t have anything to bargain for in his fight scenes, thus did not gain anything back in return.  The stakes unfortunately weren’t raised thus making his character in a way kind of lackluster.


It wasn’t what I expected, but as an artist, I respect his change in direction for this film as he wore many hats.  He was not only an actor and stunt coordinator, but he was also the producer, writer, and even the casting director.  I respect that had he not made this movie, he would be forever type casted.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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