“Little Black Dress” (2011 Korean movie) review



I decided to start watching foreign films from Asia randomly one day.  I decided to watch a chick flick because all the Asian films I have seen up to that point were either martial arts movies, ones with gun violence, or anime.  I felt this would be a change of pace as opposed to the action thrillers.


Four friends graduate from college and must each try to stand on their own in their respective fields of work.  Yoo-min becomes an assistant to a famous script writer in hopes of becoming one herself only to be handed babysitting duties.  Hye-ji strikes it lucky be being seen in public and becomes a model then an actress with inadequate abilities while Soo-jin continues to fail audition after audition in hopes of becoming an actress herself.  Min-hee has to get better in English so she can attempt to study abroad in New York City.  Each of them have their own issues but can always come together in such activities as clubbing in the Seoul nightlife.


It was quite enjoyable as someone who doesn’t watch chick flicks often especially ones from other countries.  There were many funny moments along with enough heart warming ones.  It’s a story one can relate especially trying to hang onto something strong like the bond of friendship.  One can relate to jealousy over one’s success and other real life problems.


Some of the characteristics of the characters kind of rubbed me the wrong way.  Min-hee was completely oblivious to a lot of things despite trying to learn English.  Soo-jin was such a jealous type instead of being happy of her best friends’ success, and Hye-ji just resembled a rich snob with always striking it with the luck department.


It was fun to watch.  I definitely recommend it after finding it on Netflix.  People have problems from other countries just like we Americans do.  Chick flicks are quite enjoyable.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


One response to ““Little Black Dress” (2011 Korean movie) review

  1. Haven’t seen this one – or heard of it. Thanks for posting, so now I know to add it to my movie list. This actress was also in the TV drama (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince) with the actor, Gong Yoo, who’s in the Finding Mr. Perfect movie. Back then (in the Coffee drama, which I think had come out in 2010?), I had always admired her acting and even her personality. But as the years have gone by, I’m not sure if it’s because she hasn’t been in like-able roles (in my opinion), but she’s somehow become sort of “over-rated” to me. Just a little too much everywhere, if you know what I mean. But you’ll absolutely enjoy her playing a boyish-girl in Coffee Prince, should you decide to watch it. Korean TV dramas are lengthy (takes days to watch, but I’ve known a non-Korean whose watched a month-long one within 5 days!), so just wanted to warn ya that they can be unhealthily addicting.

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