Return of a destructible dam in Battlefield 4

mTjwVrb (1)For those who’ve been playing Battlefield since BF2 and can recall the Kubra Dam map from the same game and how awesome it was, then you may be in luck. The guys over at Battlefield Podcast have gone back and analyzed the Frostbite 3 feature video, this time they’ve picked up on a developer’s comment of a destructible dam. While there is no concrete evidence proving that such a map will be included, the potential for one is quite strong. Many players will be over-joyous to witness something of that magnitude, especially when the BF4 teaser trailer ended with a skyscraper crashing down. Since the game will include a broader scope of naval warfare, a levolutinized re-make of the Kubra dam map will be the perfect fit. Check out the video below.

Return of a Destructible Kubra Dam?

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