CN Blue’s “First Step +1 Thank You” review

CN Blue- Love Girl

Artist: CN Blue

Album: First Step +1 Thank You

Label: FNC Entertainment/MNet Media

Year: 2011


This project from CN Blue is served as a thank you to the fans that have supported them since the beginning.  This EP includes three Korean versions of their Japanese songs and a new version of “Love Girl”.


The songs were very good considering I don’t come from a rock background especially Korean rock.  I really enjoyed the fact that it’s CN Blue that wrote the songs so that they put their own words and feelings behind the music.  All four songs were extremely diverse and more than listenable.


None of these are new original songs.  They’re just rehashing previously released songs whether it is a new composition or just translating the lyrics from Japanese to Korean.  At least one original thank you song would have been a true thanks to the fans.


I opted to get this album because I wanted to try to venture into the rock world which was a breath of fresh air from the pop stuff.  They all play instruments and write the songs.  I also became a bigger fan after seeing them perform live in concert.  It also helped that this album was affordable too.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

One response to “CN Blue’s “First Step +1 Thank You” review

  1. Oh, I like this song too. I was going to post a little bit about ’em sometime later. My other fav songs by them are “I’m A Loner” and “Intuition”.

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