“Twenty Million People” (2013 American movie) review



I was getting ready to attend Cinequest and asked the Twitter world which movie I should watch just to see what the response was.  I was found because I had used #Cinequest as my hash tag and was found by the director, producer, writer, and actor of “Twenty Million People”, Michael Ferrell.  He had reached out to me via Twitter to suggest watching his film which I appreciate.


Brian is a barista who doesn’t necessarily do well in relationships and talks to imaginary characters from a movie he directed.  He gets into a relationship with Ashley, a stand up comedian, who disappears when things get more serious.  Brian must search through New York City to locate her while getting advice from his imaginary friends and his best friend that broke up with his girlfriend.


It was put together very well and was very charming.  I considered it a wonderful romantic comedy.  I also liked the differences between New Jersey and Brooklyn.  I never knew how far it really was.


It also felt like many of the chick flicks and romantic comedies I have seen previously in my life.  It didn’t stand out compared to all the romantic comedies I’ve seen before except that it was at Cinequest.


It was one of my favorite movies during the Cinequest 2013 season.  It wasn’t the best, but it was a top tier movie.  I had fun watching it.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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