Sistar’s “Loving U” EP review


Artist: Sistar

Album: Loving U

Label: Starship Entertainment

Year: 2012


Sistar is back after releasing “Alone” earlier in the year in 2012.  They went with a summer theme just in time for all the Star1 folks. This album included two original songs including the titled track and five remixes to some of their biggest hits.


The titled track, “Loving U”, became one of the most addicting songs not just in the summer time, but all of 2012.  The song along with the music video was filled with fun and joy. The other original song, “Holiday” held its own as well.

The remixes were pretty decent too.  They are there for fan service for those that love the song but wanted to hear it in a different instrumental.


The remixes were unnecessary.  As much as the remixed songs were good, the original will always be more remembered.


I just bought the two original songs because the remixes, despite being good, did not do enough to coax me into wanting to invest my iTunes credits into buying it all as a whole. I do enjoy it when Sistar releases new material as I consider myself a Star1 and because I feel that Sistar releases some of the best music in all of KPop.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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