Battlefield 4 Weapon List Analysis


Prominent YouTuber and Battlefield veteran LevelCap has analyzed to the tee the released weapons list from Dice for Battlefield 4. He goes over all the categories of guns, pistols and launchers and includes exclusive bits of detail of how they perform in-game. There are a multitude of weapons here and some will be making their first appearance in a Battlefield game. The list does not include any of the weapons that will be in the upcoming Battle Packs Dice plans to release later on this year and 2014.

On another note, I highly recommend you guys checking out LevelCap’s channel and subscribe. He’s a very dedicated Battlefield player who not only features pro-level gameplay but also various weapon reviews and provides well-versed opinions on all things Battlefield. He also occasionally does airsoft videos as well. I was not endorsed by him in any way to say this. He’s definitely someone worth subscribing to if you’re into FPS.

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