Ben Affleck is the next Batman


Is has been decided.  Ben Affleck has been chosen to play Batman in the upcoming Batman Vs. Superman movie.  Did Hollywood make the right casting choice? 

Announced yesterday, Ben Affleck will suit up as Batman after rumors of numerous others being considered for the role.  Christian Bale was offered $50 Million to Return to Gotham City, but declined stating that he is done with Batman.  From Ryan Gosling to Josh Brolin, how was it that the casting finally decided on Affleck?  Judging from his latest films, most recent being ARGO, I think he can pull it off.  The internet, however, is buzzing with negativity towards this casting decision.

I can see that jaw under Batman's cowl.

I can see that jaw under Batman’s cowl.

Affleck is no stranger to superhero films.  His most infamous role ‘Daredevil‘ was a big miss among fans, but also grossed over $100 Million so it couldn’t have been all bad.  Affleck has also played as Superman… Sort of.  ‘Hollywoodland’ stars Ben Affleck portraying George Reeves, the man that played superman in the 50’s.

bAffleck-hollywoodland07Regardless of what people think, this is happening.  It’s too public to be a hoax.  I personally don’t mind this.  I would have rather wanted to see someone else, but I’ll take batman anyway they want to serve it up to me.  Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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