Not everything was shown at Gamescom 2013 for Battlefield 4


Patrick Bach, executive producer at Dice Studios has mentioned on their Battlefield 4 Gamescom livestream that though many weapons, gadgets, attachments and camos were revealed at this year’s event, there are even more to come when the game drops October 31st, 2013. He didn’t exactly say what would be in store, however in speculation there could be possible returns of fan-favorite weapons. Bach also comments on the application of Levolution to every map and that it will be unique to each one, from collapsing skyscrapers to smashing through dams.

Nothing in Battlefield 4 is scripted and players are always responsible for transforming a map into utter detritus and it will be exciting to see what new ways Dice has opened for us to ravage Mother Nature’s landscape. Paracel Storm’s giant battleship running aground seems to be the first of many.

If you’ve missed any of the Battlefield 4 Gamescom livestream, GamingTimelapse has uploaded previous recordings from day one onto their YouTube channel. You can find their channel here. Below is the video capture with Patrick Bach and Corey Dunn. He mentions the additional weapons and attachments at around 7:07.


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