DICE notes strength of cloud-powered AI from Titanfall but refrains from using it for now due to player feedback


OXM, or Official Xbox Magazine sat down with Lars Gustavsson of DICE to ask if they would be using the same type of cloud AI technology that will be present in Respawn Entertainment’s Titanfall. Gustavsson remarks that while it is certainly a very powerful engine to further boost the multiplayer capabilities of a game, it is not necessitated for Battlefield 4 since it already has so much in terms of multiplayer content.

Gustavsson says that they have considered options for such a design in the early stages of development and previous titles like Battlefield 2142 where AI drones could be summoned to aid the player. However, he explains that balance would be too much of an issue plus feedback from playtests prove that players would much rather be killed by other humans and not AI-controlled opponents.

It seems Battlefield 4 will remain as it is but there could be a chance that eventually, a cloud-powered engine could find its way into the game and open another world of possibilities.

Check out the full article here.


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