Jet Basic Loadouts, Combat Training, Commander Mode & New Server Browsing in BF4


Matimio comes to us today with a BF4 video that explains a lot of the new updates that will be coming to the game. He discusses how Dice has reworked the server browsing system and that now it’s divided into three types, Official Ranked, Normal Ranked and Unranked. This way, players will have an easier time looking for games that will either have regular ticket counts and vehicle spawn times or altered variations.

Commander mode will have a demotion option where commanders can be stripped of their rank and booted if the team feels they are not cooperating or assisting in-game. This removes trolling and otherwise.

Another topic is the issue of jet usability. Newcomers to jet piloting were severely handicapped in BF3, they had no weapon or defensive options and it left them practically useless in dogfights. In BF4, jets now have a basic loadout that does not require unlocking and will provide relatively new players with a better experience than getting blown to pieces all the time. Jet flight simulation is also available to those who wish to become aerial aces but want to take those first steps slowly. Check out the full video below.

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