“New Police Story” (2004 Chinese movie)



As a fan of the “Police Story” series, I was wondering how this installment would stack up against the predecessors.  I decided to watch this after seeing how cool and vicious it looked in the trailer.  I guess I would be in for a surprise.


Senior Inspector Chan accidentally leads his team of cops into a trap left by a group of young bank robbers and later on into death.  He feels disgusted with himself that he failed them and allowed for his team to die.  He drinks himself to oblivion until he receives a brand new partner who won’t let him give up.  Chan is on the verge of redeeming himself for his fallen comrades and himself against the squad that has outdone him in every police training exercise.


This is one of the more emotionally powerful driven movies in the filmography of Jackie Chan.  This had more drama as opposed to many of the action contained in the prior works of Jackie Chan’s.  When certain characters died, you just felt for the guy.  I’m pretty much sure if we were in his shoes, we’d drink ourselves beyond the state of being drunk.

In this movie, we get to see a side we rarely get to see in Jackie Chan’s movies.  We get to see him emotionally vulnerable.  Normally, he’s vulnerable because he plays the everyday man or is smaller than his opponents.  This time, he has to go through the steps of redemption.


This movie is actually a reboot that relies on the “Police Story” name.  I would have liked it to either continue in the series or just let it stand alone as its own name.  “New Police Story” is also kind of a bland name.


This actually ranks as one of my more favorite Jackie Chan films because it’s so different and still had the good elements of his great movies.  I enjoyed it.  He added new elements to his characters while retaining the good qualities on what made him great.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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