“Hecho en China” (2012 Mexican movie) review



At Cinequest of 2013, I decided to watch this movie because I wanted to focus more on international movies to get an idea on their train of thought when it comes to making movies. I assumed that it was a movie that included Spanish speaking characters with things that have to do with China thus the name “Hecho en China” (official title) or “Made in China” (English title).


Marcos is a Chinese restaurant owner in Mexico who never quite amounted to anything. On the day of his 50th birthday, he receives an invitation to a wedding to his crush whom he let get away 30 years prior. He decides to venture through Mexico to bring closure in his life. During this adventure, he must deal with the Chinese mafia trying to take control of his restaurant, his employee that he’s forced to bring along, and his past coming back to haunt him.


I enjoyed the closure he made with his life letting the only love of his life get married to someone else. Marcos seemed like a likable character that has faults and weaknesses just like all of us.  I also enjoyed the relationship between himself and Fernando (his employee that makes deliveries).


This movie was cheesy at best. I actually literally saw people walking out to attend a different movie. It wasn’t funny nor was it really filled with drama. It had no direction on what kind of movie it wanted to be.


It wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t good. I found myself looking at the clock to see when the movie was over. I also looked at my schedule to see what movie was next. I would put it in the lower tier of the many movies I watched during Cinequest.

Overall rating: 2/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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