“Must Have Been Love” (2012 Finnish movie) review



For Cinequest 2013, I decided to watch this movie because I wanted to watch more international movies, primarily ones from Europe since I don’t watch those films often unless it has a major Hollywood star. I had no idea what this movie was about except that it was European after overhearing some word of mouth. I also was not familiar with movies from Finland or Norway.


On a vacation in Istanbul, Turkey with her friends from Finland, Kaisa, encounter Jakob and his friends who are from Norway. They begin hanging out with each other while Kaisa had taken a liking to Jakob. Feelings began to develop overnight between the two with a potential love brewing.

The next morning, Jakob goes home to Oslo, Norway leaving Kaisa to wonder what happened. She could not get him off her mind, thus setting her off to hopefully find him in his country. She finds him in a grocery store, but he’s not who she thought he was.


As a big softy, I can enjoy a good romantic movie especially one that involves the search for someone a person is infatuated with. It was somewhat cute and adorable. I thought it was pretty decent.


I couldn’t get over the differences between Norwegian cultures with Finnish. I know nothing about those two places, but tried to learn over the course of the movie.

This movie was okay as it didn’t fully stand out. Besides it taking place in regions I’m not familiar with, I could not tell you a thing about this movie that separates it from any other romantic movie I’ve ever seen.


It was just a decent movie. It didn’t wow me or anything. It’s a movie better suited for couples, not with the friends or solo.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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