“Mystery” (2012 Chinese movie) review



I decided to watch this movie at the 2013 edition of Cinequest not knowing what it was about.  All I had known was that it was important enough to receive the big theater screening, it was a Chinese movie, and it most likely did not contain any martial arts.  I was also curious to see how a Chinese movie without and awesome fight sequences did since I’ve been accustomed to movies with Jackie Chan, Bruce Lee, and Jet Li.


A woman named Ju Lie lives a normal life in China with her husband, Yongzhao, and they have a young daughter together.  One day her friend informs her about her husband’s infidelity and cheating ways.  Determined to get revenge, she eliminates the woman so that they can have their lives back together but is unaware that he is also having another affair with the supposed friend.  The must deal with the love triangle along with what really happened to that eliminated woman.


This movie was filled with twists and turns.  You expect one thing to happen and something else happens.  It literally is a “mystery”.

I also enjoyed that it took place in gritty China.  It wasn’t the glamorous scenic big city of Hong Kong with major stars that you recognize from the Hollywood movies with big action sequences.  It deals with real life issues like unfaithfulness, love, trust issues, and much more.


As a dude, it’s often enjoyable to watch love scenes.  Sometimes violence is cool.  I found myself cringing often because there were scenes I just couldn’t watch.  I couldn’t watch the love scenes because it just looked painful and a woman was forced against her will.  I also don’t enjoy violence against women, but that’s what you get in real life situations where the man is supposed to be the dominant figure especially in mainland China.


I did enjoy the movie.  It was full of suspense and tension.  You felt for these women who were being played by one man.  Both women had put their hearts into one man because they both had children with this one man.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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