“7 Lives of Chance” (2013 American movie) review



At the 2013 edition of Cinequest, I decided to do what I always do at Cinequest and that is to watch movies on random, not looking at the synopsis.  Someone handed me a business card promoting the movie so I accepted the offer, and here I am.  I was about to see what this movie was all about.


Chance is very nervous about attending her high school reunion.  Unfortunately, a devastating event has made her think twice about going with the untimely death of her ex flame in the past.  Fast forward into the future, she experiences death but in the eyes of the people around her from family members to coworkers.  The “ghosts” of the dead inhabit her apartment, and she must find a way to set them free.


I thought it was quirky and artistic.  It felt kind of confusing at first, but it made you think about the world around you.  It made you think that you’re only in control of yourself.  You can’t hinge the blame on situations that are not in your hands.


It was also extremely confusing.  It took me some time to figure out what happened and why it happened.  I had to piece together the puzzle.


To be honest, I missed the first few minutes, so I didn’t fully get the film until the conclusion of this movie.  I did enjoy it as it wasn’t a dark movie even though it touched on dark subjects like death.  It was filled with sunshine and brightness.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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