“The Racket Boys” (2011 American movie) review



At Cinequest 2013, I watched this movie after hearing the positive reception it received.  Of course, I listen to the people.  The people are often right if the movie is good or not.  For my sake, I have to be the judge of it too.


Two friends decide to take a journey from Los Angeles to San Francisco in the spur of the moment.  On the way, they pick up a hitchhiker which made them a party of three.  They each had their own reasons of going, but also had a collective reason of deciding on making the trip.  Of course, they are a bit under prepared for the trip financially so they resort to picking up the potentially dangerous hitchhiker and might have to steal.


It had its various funny moments, and you could find reasons to relate to at least one of the three characters.  When life kicks you in the ass, you want to get away from it all even for just for some time.


I know it was a throwback to those classic artistic French films, but I have a habit of getting really sleeping during films that are in black and white.  I don’t know why I have that habit.  I think it could have been decent as a colored film while keeping a lot of the same principles.


I think the concept was good and well put together.  They were able to make a decent movie with just a cast of mainly three and focus on the three.  You felt like you were the fourth passenger on the trip.

I can personally relate because I do the exact opposite as they do.  I actually leave all the problems behind in the Bay Area to make the trip to solitude aka Los Angeles where I never seem to have any problems.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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