“Mon Ami” (2012 Canadian movie) review



At Cinequest 2013, I watched this movie because there was a lot of hype around it. There were fliers everywhere. People were telling me to go see it. The directors were doing interviews left and right in outrageous outfits. It had a midnight viewing, and yet, I had no idea what it was about. I assumed it was a French romantic comedy or something. Boy, I was about to find out.


Teddy is a manager at a hardware store who works with his longtime best friend, Cal. The owner of the hardware is getting ready to retire while both Teddy and Cal fear for the safety of their job security. They both become desperate to save their jobs when their backs are against the wall. They devise a plan to get the leverage that they want and go to great lengths to survive.

All this occurs while Cal tries to get Teddy back as his best friend just for one moment away from his wife. They go on this venture to rekindle their lost friendship.


This movie was not short of “holy shit” moments. These shock and awe moments were designed for people’s jaws to drop or literally laugh out loud. There were so many “OMG” moments to count. In my opinion, it was “Pulp Fiction” meets “Shaun of the Dead”. It was full of bloody murder with twists of comedy. I felt the set ups for this movie worked well in the laughs department.

Usually, I don’t do well with violence against women, but in this movie, it got a passing grade. I was actually okay with the killing of women, because it was funny. I didn’t have to turn my head away.


Unfortunately, I honestly don’t think this movie is for everyone especially those that don’t like blood. This movie is definitely for the 18-34 demographic even though people of all ages attended the viewing for this movie.


I attended the midnight showing of this movie during Cinequest 2013 as my 5th consecutive movie of the day. I realized why this movie garnered a midnight showing. Because I did not read any of the synopsis for any of the movies, I assumed “Mon Ami” was a French romantic comedy. I have learned that it is wrong to judge a book by its cover.

I was blown away by the different types of people that attended the movie. There were kids, adults, and elderly there. Usually, it’s very annoying when people shout yell stuff out during the movie, but in this case, it added to the comedy. It really did feel like an interactive movie. I know I thought prior movies were my favorite movie at Cinequest, but this by far takes it due to it being something I’ve never seen before nor expected.

I had also learned that “mon ami” in French means “my friend”. I learned that it takes a full on crazy experience to regain and strengthen a friendship. LOL!

Overall rating: 4.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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