Wonder Girls’ “Wonder World” review


Artist: Wonder Girls

Album: Wonder World

Label: JYP Entertainment

Year: 2011


This album marks the first KPop album I decided to buy outside of KARA after seeing the Wonder Girls perform at the MBC/Google Concert which made me into a fan. I became a fan after watching “Be My Baby”.


I liked how each song had a different sound.  It had a song for each person whether it was a fun song like “Be My Baby” or a down tempo track with Sun and Yenny’s “Do Go Do Go”.  They were able to experiment with new sounds.  They had elements of doo wop, R&B, pop, electronic, club music, rock, and much more.

I also liked that they Wonder Girls had more of a say with the writing process.  For example, Yubin was able to write her own raps.  That is more of a rarity with K-Pop as it’s usually written by a team hired by the talent agency.  It shows that the Wonder Girls are capable of expressing themselves.  It also is the Wonder Girls as their current line up as I know it (I’m not familiar with prior members).  This album gave them a chance to grow up, take charge, and evolve into legitimate artists.


What I didn’t like was that even though I did feel their attempt at diversifying each song, I felt that some songs fell short as sometimes there were forgettable tracks or just lines from songs that were cheesy.

There were also three different versions of “Be My Baby”. One was in Korean, English, and there was a remix version.  I liked that they did it in English as well, but I liked the Korean version more because Yubin’s rap was way better in the Korean version.


“Wonder World” is the second album from K-Pop girl group, Wonder Girls.  It is their next step into global domination especially into the Western world with a lot of American style influenced tracks.  They teased the fans a lot with some songs being in English.  It is evident in this process as they hired the person who has worked with Beyonce on music videos to work on “Be My Baby” as their first single.  They were also able to promote this album on their Nickelodeon movie, “The Wonder Girls”. This effort from these ladies had them more involved in the writing process as well as the mastermind in J.Y. Park’s production, writing, and vision.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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