“Jackie Chan’s First Strike” (Police Story 4: First Strike) (1996 Chinese movie)



After reminiscing about some of my favorite movies, I decided to watch one of my personal favorite movies ever as it was part of my childhood.  I guess I’ll post a review on this classic.


Chan Ka-Kui is on assignment to recover a nuclear warhead in Ukraine for the CIA and later ends up working for the Russian FSB on the same mission in Australia after he falls into the frozen waters of the Eastern European lakes.

During the course of the adventure, he finds out the side he’s been working for hasn’t been on his side all along.  He must rely on enemies to fight off the real enemies.


It had a lot of beautiful diverse scenery from the icy cold tundra of Eastern Europe to the hot summer setting of Australia to the multicultural environment of Chinatown. It really did have the feeling of a global movie.

Obviously, there were the essentials for a Jackie Chan movie: martial arts, stunts, and wackiness.  This movie was full of it.  The stunts he did involving an exploding helicopter was amazing.  Of course, this was way before people started using computers for special effects so he did it for real.  The things he did with the ladder as a weapon was so awesome. Shawn Michaels would be proud.


This movie had the 90’s cheesiness to it. Expect some of that.


This movie still withstands the test of times.  Even though he played a cop, we still felt like we could relate to his character for being oblivious and silly.  After more than one and a half decades, this movie is more than watchable.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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