Secret’s “Shy Boy” EP review


Artist: Secret

Album: “Shy Boy” single

Label: TS Entertainment

Year: 2011


I decided to get this EP because I liked the music video and became a fan of theirs after watching it. I wanted to see them at the SBS Super Concert in America show when they were part of the original line up. “Shy Boy” was also a very cute concept too.


The titled track was a cute listen.  The single is an easy listen while the other track had more of an electro sound with autotune.


What’s even worse than buying an EP is buying a single with that extra song.  I don’t care for the instrumentals what so ever so I just ended up getting the main songs.  The track “No. 1” was alright, but it really isn’t their kind of sound with the autotune usage.


“Shy Boy” was a single released by TS Entertainment’s own, Secret.  It was released in early 2011 and did extremely well with the sales.  TS was unable to supply the demand of copies of the single.  Along with the titled track, there was another track called “No. 1”.  There were also two instrumentals of the previous two tracks.

The titled track had a bit of a doo wop sound mixed with bubblegum pop.  The video also showed the doo wop era.  It had Secret in a 1950’s American environment with places that were iconic at the time like diners with pop beverages.

Overall rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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