“Casshern” (2004 Japanese movie) review



I decided to watch this movie because I’m a fan of a lot of the heroes from the Tatsunoko universe.  I became a fan of such characters like Casshern after playing the fighting game, “Tatsunoko vs Capcom”.  I wanted to watch the live action adaptation as well after seeing the anime series, “Casshern Sins”.


Dr. Azuma is a scientist who is researching the possibility of regenerating human tissue cells and is asking for funding for his major project.  Nikko Hairal Inc. is the only organization that is willing to sponsor his dreams in hopes that he can cure his wife from blindness.

Tetsuya is his son and a soldier who must go off to war in “Zone 7” which is inhabited by Neo Humans who have superior genetics which would come in handy for Dr. Azuma to experiment on.  In the harshness of war, Tetsuya kills innocent civilians out of necessity and later gets killed in a booby trap.

He is set to be buried, but a thunderstorm causes Dr. Azuma’s facilities to function differently and causes some of the dead bodies from “Zone 7” to be resurrected.  Some of the Neo Humans make it out into the world to start a creation of their own world after finding their own headquarters filled with robots to do their battles for them.

The ghost of Tetsuya sees this especially after the Neo Humans kidnap his mother.  He is revived by his father and later equipped with new armor.  His abilities also become enhanced thus the birth of Casshern to fight for revenge.


Visually, it was a beautiful movie.  The movie was pretty much shot with a green screen backdrop like American movies like “Sin City”.  The scenery was made to look like a post apocalyptic time.

What also made it a beautiful movie was the European influences like from Shakespeare’s work.  You get a hero like Tetsuya who does a lot of wrong to make a lot of things right.  During the course of the movie, a lot of the plot and back story starts to unravel itself.


As a Casshern fan, there were a lot of things that steered away from the original series.  Friender was just a regular dog in “Zone 7” as opposed to being his friend and companion.  Casshern is supposed to be half human and half robot.  There are a few others that true fans would easily notice, but I understand since the movie was a different interpretation of the classic 70’s hero in today’s society.


I would love for there to be a sequel for a follow up.  Maybe Buraiking Boss can make an appearance or more Friender.  I think it would work considering it was announced that Sentai Filmworks came to an agreement with Tatsunoko to release some of the back catalog at Anime Expo 2013.  They can easily ride the momentum.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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