Secret’s “Starlight Moonlight” EP review


Artist: Secret

Album: “Starlight Moonlight”

Label: TS Entertainment

Year: 2011


I started becoming a bigger fan of Secret after going through some of their music videos. I had actually liked some of their cutesy stuff which prompted me to invest some money on iTunes to buy the single EP.


I liked that even though they were sticking to their cute image, they were able to change their sound. They went from a doo wop to a more traditional Korean folk sound without it sounding forced. Their other songs on the short album “Romantic Movie” and “Oh! Honey” were pretty good as well.


Well, it was a short single album which although was affordable to buy, it was very short.  I would have liked to see where this concept could have taken them with a full fledge album.  The quality of songs was there, but the quantity wasn’t.


I thought it was a great promotion for the group with that next step towards being known as one of the most well known girl groups in KPop music.  To ensure that they reach more fans, they recorded a Chinese version as well.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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