“Sonner av Norge” (Sons of Norway) (2011 Norwegian movie) review



In the 2012 edition of Cinequest, I watched this movie not knowing what it was about. I didn’t even know the name of the movie prior to walking into the theater. I just walked in because other people were walking in. This marked me truly picking this movie very blindly.


Nikolaj is a young kid from Norway who enjoys music a lot, but his world changes after his mom is killed in a hit and run accident. His innocence is lost, and his world turns very dark. Around this time, he takes a liking into punk rock especially from rising influential group at the time, the Sex Pistols out of England.

During the course of the movie, we see his image changing from a boy next door to a rebellious youth who wrecks havoc on society. His actions can either tear his family apart or unite them.


It was a great experience considering it involved worlds I wasn’t accustomed to which is Norway and punk rock music. I know nothing about Norwegian life along with punk music from the 70’s. It was refreshing to see that people in other lands enjoy some of the same things we enjoy.


It felt very slow at during the course of the movie. It was alright though but didn’t do enough to keep me engaged.


It was a decent movie for the first movie of that Cinequest season. I’m sure there were other movies that were better. It was good at the minimum.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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