KARA’s “Pandora” review



Artist: KARA

Album: “Pandora”

Label: DSP Media

Year: 2012


The return of KARA to the Korean market was with the mini album, “Pandora”.  It was their fifth overall mini album in Korea. Their goal with this EP is to show a more maturing image as they’ve taken previous steps to keep evolving with even more maturity.


The titled track “Pandora” was very catchy with that electro pop sound.  The other tracks were decent with each distinctive sound.  I enjoyed it like most KARA albums.


Like issues I have with mini albums is that it’s way too short.  Four tracks not including an extra instrumental for their Korean comeback weren’t enough for that market.  It felt like they just teased the market with a few quick songs just to go back to Japan with full albums.


I felt that it was a slight attempt to keep relevance in Korea because they were becoming more popular in Japan than in Korea as they were starting to fit the Japanese mold in that specific market.  I still love them no matter what as my bias group of choice.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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