“Casshern Sins” (2008 anime) review



I decided to watch this series because I wanted to get back into anime after taking some years off due to other hobbies. There were just too many series that I did not recognize along with the mass amount of characters out there. I wanted to get into a series where I have some familiarity with the characters thus “Casshern Sins” was the logical choice.


This story follows Casshern, a robot built to kill, who has just caused a ruin which is pretty much the apocalypse to both the human and robot race.  He does so under his boss at the time, Braiking Boss, to kill Luna who was supposed to be the answer to all life surviving.

He has guilt about his wrong doings so he sets off to rewrite his wrongs despite being a huge target by multiple adversaries including Luna’s sister, Dio and Lena (his counter parts), and many robots that want him dead.  Over the series, he has learned compassion and a legitimate reason to fight.


This being a reboot of the original 1973 series, I thought it was a great way to introduce the character of Casshern to new fans.  Although it had a totally different storyline from the classic version, it still contained the main elements of the characters and story.

What made it great was the development of the main characters during the course of the series primarily their relationships with each other and their goals.  We got to see that Casshern has to rewrite his wrong doings of the past along with Ohji.  Lyuze was an original adversary of Casshern’s, but ended up coming with him on his journey and later fell for him.

There was a hidden meaning in this series.  Despite potentially having eternal life, one may not truly live and find happiness.  Those that may die eventually, show more life and are willing to live it to the fullest.  Those that are near death appreciate and cherish all the good things that come to life.


Although, I enjoyed the series, I felt that many of the episodes felt dry in a sense that there were some filler scenes even though episodes each ran for 23 minutes.  The filler scenes ran extremely slow paced.  There were some filler episodes that weren’t needed too even though it may have been vital to the overall plot indirectly.

The storyline every once in awhile can get confusing for those not familiar with it or watch the entire thing out of sequence.  Things can get confusing when people are trying to figure out who really is the antagonist.  Is it Luna, who keeps playing with the emotions of those wish to be healed?  Could it be Braiking Boss who did order the assassination on Luna to cause the initial ruin? What about those robots who keep getting in the way of the protagonist, Casshern?  Casshern antagonized himself by causing the ruin by killing version one of Luna.  Ohji built Casshern who caused mass destruction. Dio and Leda are counterparts to Casshern who have goals of supreme domination.


Now, once again, I watched it because I became a fan of the character after playing “Tatsunoko vs. Capcom: Ultimate All Stars”.  I was stoked when I found out it was available on Netflix and Toonami on Cartoon Network.  I became more of a Casshern fan when I learned that a lot of Capcom’s Mega Man was modeled from Casshern.  He is a half human, half robot with a robot dog who both happen to have powers.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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