“Innocent Steps” (2005 Korean movie) review



I opted to watch this movie because it had Moon Guen Young whom I only knew because of her appearance in the Korean variety show, “Running Man”, so she was a familiar face. I was curious to see how her acting was since I had only known her for variety show appearances.


Na Young Sae is possibly Korea’s best dancer but is injured after his rival, Hyun Soo takes him out of a competition. To pour salt on the wounds, Hyun Soo takes Na Young Sae’s dance partner for his own.

Trying to make a comeback, he receives a new partner who is of Korean decent from China named Jang Chae Rin who is supposedly a renowned dancer in her own right. Unfortunately, she took the identity of her sister who is the great dancer as her own in attempts to make it herself as she has no legitimate dance background. With it being their last chance to make it, they must make it work or else it’s all over.


It was a cute movie with people with two different backgrounds coming together for a common goal. They started off as a fake married couple, but their love grew over time with their common love for dancing.

I liked Moon Guen Young’s acting as she plays the innocent girl next door character very well especially with her looks that make her seem younger than she really is. Her charm really does reflect on her personality. I enjoyed the fact that despite all odds, she worked as hard as possible to make her dreams come true and was always optimistic despite her shortcomings.


I didn’t enjoy the lack of screen time for Hyun Soo as he’s only seen a few times during the course of the movie. I felt that by having him on screen more often and raising the stakes for Na Young Se, it would have made the risk and reward a lot better. We would cheer for Na Young Se a bit more besides the brewing romance he had with Moon Guen Young.


It wasn’t a great movie but it was decent enough to be considered watching it. The highlight wasn’t the story itself because this type of story has been done plenty of times. The acting was actually the highlight to be honest.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

One response to ““Innocent Steps” (2005 Korean movie) review

  1. I haven’t watched this movie yet, but will sure add it onto my To Watch Later List. I have a post on a TV drama which Geun Young is in called Mary Stayed Out All Night: http://untitledpress.wordpress.com/2013/03/10/mary-stayed-out-all-night/
    I haven’t finished watching it yet, but found her to be a great actress. She held up her character well, which is quite tough, considering the 2 guys who are supposed to be in a love triangle with her are very good-looking men. Hope you enjoy it, if you ever decide to check it out. I like the Running Man show too. Especially when Jackie Chan came on as one of the guests. Did you see that one?

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