KARA’s “Solo Collection” review


Artist: KARA

Album: “Solo Collection”

Label: DSP Media

Year: 2012


This album originally came out in Japan during the “KARASIA” tour.  Rumors of a Korean release sparked interest for their native fan base.  Each member of KARA was to have a solo song each with having a hand in writing the songs.


I enjoyed that the girls used their personality to express their individuality in their specific tracks.  They each had say on the composition and the lyrics of the songs so it was a step of maturation and evolution as artists. The songs also played to the strengths of each member.


One track per person wasn’t enough to showcase what they’re each capable of.  Like all mini albums, it was too short.  It was sold as an album, but only half were actual tracks while the other half were just the instrumentals to those tracks.


I enjoyed it because each song had a different theme.  Hara had a dance pop song.  Gyuri had a trot inspired track.  Jiyoung had an acoustic feel while Nicole had a duet with Jinwoon from 2AM.  My bias Seungyeon had a more rock feel.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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