CN Blue’s “Re: Blue” EP review



Artist: CN Blue

Album: “Re: Blue”

Label: FNC Entertainment/MNet Media

Year: 2013


CN Blue is back with their 4th mini album and 7th overall if you count their Japanese promotions. They kick started their 2013 campaign with this effort.


“I’m Sorry” was a great song to open the EP with along with the perfect single for their promotions. I liked the other songs too along with the use of an experimental electronic rock sound in “The Guy Like Me”. Every song was filled with quality as the members wrote and composed the songs. I appreciate that they also have a song in English called “Where You Are”.


I don’t really have much negative things to say considering they put their time and effort into the compositions. They really are artists, not a spitting image of who their label wants them to be.


As a person who’s not too much in the rock scene let alone the Korean rock scene, I really did appreciate the how they put together the album as a majority of the Korean idols have writers and composers create the songs for them. CN Blue shows that you don’t need to go through the traditional way to make it in the industry.

Overall rating: 4/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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