“The Ecstacy of Order: The Tetris Masters” (2011 American documentary) review



I decided to watch this documentary because I enjoy the game of Tetris and always wondered if there was a scene out there for fellow Tetris players. I always considered myself pretty decent and always pondered what other great players are out there.


In this documentary, we follow some of the best Tetris players in the country to see who really is the best Tetris player as a true Tetris world champion has never officially been crowned. The top players who have broken records from the most lines cleared to the most points all get to compete against each other in the “Classic Tetris World Championship” in Los Angeles.

We also get a walk through memory lane with some of the best players like Thor Aackerlund who was the victor at the 1990 Nintendo World Championships to Harry Hong’s historical max out run in Tetris.


It was great to see a game that has been around longer than I have still get a lot of love in the competitive realm. I liked that a lot of people have kept the game around for decades after all these advanced looking games keep coming out. There is still that hunger to be the best especially on a classic console such as the Nintendo Entertainment System. It makes me want one now.


I felt that many of the best Tetris players were being neglected as they only focused on the NES version of that game. There are so many different consoles that it has been ported to. Where was the PC versions or the Game Boy version? Being the best on the NES doesn’t mean you’re the best overall. I’m sure there are legends in other consoles.

I also wondered why it was a competition to crown a world champion when it didn’t involve any international competitors. I’m sure the Russians and Japanese would have something to say about this field of players.


As a person who is mostly in the fighting game genre, it was great to see players represented in another game that I enjoy. I honestly don’t know the names of the top Tetris players, but after this documentary, I now do.

Overall rating: 3.5/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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