“Street Fighter II V” (1995 anime) review


Series: Street FIgher II V

Studio: Group TAC

Year: 1995


I obviously had to watch this series since I’ve been a lifelong fan of the “Street Fighter” series. If I’m not playing any of the games, I might as well watch the series.


This story follows Ryu and Ken on their journey around the world to become better martial artists after suffering defeats to Guile.  During their adventures, they are taken to Thailand where Ryu learns Muay Thai during his bout with Sagat, to India where they both learned the Hadou, and to Spain where Ken encounters a brutal war versus Vega.

During their travels, they also cross paths with Shadowlaw, a crime syndicate run by M. Bison, hellbent on taking over the world.  Together along with Chun-Li, and Guile, they must stop the reign of terror.


I enjoyed this series because it contained many of the great elements that made Street Fighter great.  Coming from Japanese creators, it focused the main attention to the main characters of the Street Fighter world which happens to be the Shotos in Ryu and Ken instead of Guile in American story lines.  It was great to see their beginnings as they learn to perfect the Hadou abilities.

The violence in this was great as there was blood, bone shattering hits, and back and forth action.  It was as close as it possibly could to the Street Fighter story.


Continuity, there were a lot of mysteries to be figured out.  Although it contained characters up to “Street Fighter II Super Turbo”, there were characters missing including T. Hawk, E. Honda, Dee Jay, and Blanka.  We only saw Akuma in brief cameos.  It would have been great to see other special moves from other characters if we were able to see the Hadouken and Shoryuken from Ryu and Ken.  It would have been awesome to see Guile’s Sonic Boom, Dhalsim’s Yoga Fire, or even Sagat’s Tiger Shot.

Here’s a list of other things not supposed to happen or things supposed to happen.  Ryu should have done the Hadouken to Sagat causing a scar on his chest.  Charlie (Nash) is supposed to look a lot different than how he was portrayed.  Chun-Li is supposed to be an agent, not a tour guide. Zangief is supposed to be unaffiliated with Shadowlaw.  Cammy is not supposed to be an assassin for hire.


I watched this series due to being a huge fan of the series.  It’s certainly a different take than the entire universe I’m accustomed to, but it’s still a great watch.  I encourage those that have been disappointed with some of the live action movies that have been released to check it out especially now with the current wave of new fans to the Street Fighter series with Street Fighter IV and maybe even 3rd Strike that were too young to see this series when it came out initially.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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