KARA’s “The First Bloooooming” review

KARA- If You Wanna

Artist: KARA

Album: “The First Bloooooming”

Label: DSP Entertainment/CJ Music

Year: 2007


This marks the official debut of the group known as KARA. You may notice that there are four members as opposed to their known five as Sunghee was in the original lineup before Hara and Jiyoung joined.


I enjoyed this debut because I myself am a fan of R&B music. I liked the slow jams which showcased their ability to harmonize as a group. “If You Wanna” was a cute pop song while “Break It” and “Secret World” were a nice edgy songs. The other tracks were surprisingly good if you enjoy the slower songs.


Of course, this isn’t the sound we know KARA today as it is unfamiliar to most fans due to them later overhauling their sound and image when Sunghee was replaced. This album was R&B heavy with a bit of an edge.

Due to Nicole’s lack of the Korean language at the time, she wasn’t given too many lines to sing so she was known as the rapper of the group and had to do many of the English parts.


It was great to see the beginnings of my favorite KPop group. It would have been interesting to see what could have been if Sunghee stuck around, but things worked out for the best with the addition of Hara and Jiyoung later on.

This album served as just the beginning of KARA with the core members intact. I would like to see some of these songs performed at concerts since it’s rare for them to perform them.

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