“Street Fighter Alpha: Generations” (2005 Japanese



I watched this because it involves Street Fighter which I usually connect with a lot. If it’s anything Street Fighter, I usually try to support it.


This movie is about the inner fight between Ryu and his master Gouken versus Akuma (Gouki in Japan). We see how Akuma became the Raging Demon specialist we all know to grow and love today.


What I like about this movie is that it stays true to the roots of Street Fighter as it centers on Ryu.  I appreciate that the Japanese decided to keep the continuity of the Street Fighter storyline like how Ryu has to keep fighting Satui no Hadou and its tempting ways.  It’s easy to give into the darkness to receive such powers, but to stay pure is a whole different story.

I also enjoyed that it didn’t necessarily have to have every character from the Street Fighter universe.  It just focused on Ryu and the surrounding characters like Gouki, Ken, Gouken, and Sakura.


Geez! I’d hate to have the thought of Gouki potentially being Ryu’s father.  It would remind me of “Star Wars: Empire Strikes Back” when Darth Vader told Luke Skywalker that he was his father.

I do not want to even think about the thought of Gouki even having any human like functions nor human compassion.  The Gouki I’m accustomed to is pure evil and does not care about any human on Earth.


I felt that this 2005 movie is just a small part of the different storylines Street Fighter has to offer. I feel that there are so many different stories to be told down the road with Chun-Li, Rose, M. Bison, and much more.  I also liked how the end teased another installment of potentially a “Generations 2”.

Overall review: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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