Infinite H’s “Fly High” review


Artist: Infinite H

Album: “Fly High”

Label: Woolim Entertainment

Year: 2013


I had purchased this album off iTunes because I was going to attend Infinite’s “One Great Step” concert on 11/11/13. I felt that I should lightweight learn more about them, but then it hit me that I liked Infinite H’s song “Special Girl” because it was very catchy. I think I should at least start off with this one to get a bit more familiar with a member or two.


Surprisingly, this album was pretty darn good. I had expected the typical boy band stuff but was caught off guard that it was more geared towards a hip-hop sounding album. Obviously, I had known nothing about Infinite so I didn’t know which members did what for the group. The other songs were pretty good too like the final song, “Fly High” which was supremely listenable.


With this being their debut album as a sub unit, I’m assuming Hoya and Dongwoo enlisted the help of a few folks. Besides their intro song, every song here had a guest appearance. I thought this album was supposed to focus on the sub unit themselves, not have the guests take some of the spotlight from them. I found that it was the case on pretty much all the songs.


Obviously, buying this EP wouldn’t make me an instant Inspirit at all and neither would paying full price to be up towards the front at their concert as well. Just like their concert, it was just “One Great Step”.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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