After School Red’s “Red” review


Artist: Afterschool Red

Album: Red

Label: Pledis Entertainment

Year: 2011


I was running low on iTunes credits when it came to buying music. I came across this two song EP, and opted to buy it after hearing it a few times in various places. I didn’t want to buy just one song here and there from other artists so decided to make my first investment into After School. I guess it starts with “Red”.


The two songs on this single album are very catchy. “In the Night Sky” and “Hollywood” are more than listenable. I enjoyed listening to both songs, and you’d never need to skip one or the other. Both are great listens back to back especially with Brave Brothers on the boards.


There are only two songs. If it weren’t for it being affordable and having some good songs, I would advise against buying it. If only there were more opportunities for more songs to see what this sub unit can do.


Sure, Pledis stacked their most popular After School members into one sub unit while stacking their lesser known After School members into “Blue”. It doesn’t take away that this sub unit did a great job given the opportunity. I’m docking them points due to the lack of music and judging them for their overall body of work on the album, not for two individual songs.

Overall rating: 2.5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic


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