On March 8-9th, 2014, the annual KPOPCON reach its third edition on the campus of University of California, Berkeley in Berkeley, CA with the latest edition. The staff at Sturdy Pine was there to cover the community run event.

Day 1:

This day was mostly filled with workshops and activities for the attendees. There were dance tutorials for those that want to dance like Jay Park or EXO. There were opportunities to network with not just other fans, but other folks that make contributions to the wonderful community like art and fan clubs. Food was provided too as bibimbap (rice with vegetables and extra goodies) was for lunch as it is very important to South Korea’s cuisine.

The evening portion brought us special performances put together by hard working dancers and singers. There were plenty of cover dances and tunes from some great community people. The dances brought on lots of screams as groups danced to some of the best songs in recent memory while others sang their hearts out to the melody of other wonderful songs.

Day 2:

Day two’s format was different as it was more centered around booths and the many organizations represented there. The booths came from specific fan groups for their favorite artists and labels, people selling art, people selling goods like albums, radio stations, KDrama streaming services, and companies who have seen what the Hallyu Wave can do. There was so much to do at every booth. Every booth had something to offer whether it be stuff for sale, raffles, or chances to win special prizes.

Of course, there were even more special performances. There were dance numbers that kept the audiences in a roar. Everyone did a great job and worked hard to make sure that the attendees were entertained.


It was a wonderful fans for the community by the community. Sturdy Pine is always happy to support these events where there is so much passion from all the attendees. There were even people that came from out of town such as Santa Barbara and Los Angeles. I look forward to it becoming even bigger next time. It was a blast for everyone.

KPOPCON 2014 photos

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