KCON 2013


The 2013 edition of KCON seeked to topple the extravaganza of the previous version.  The 2013 edition went bigger and better than ever with a brand new venue at the legendary LA Sports Arena which had hosted such events as Wrestlemania and many high profiled concerts. This time, it got bigger with two whole days worth of activities capped off with the concert.

The 2013 year saw bigger names with the return of EXO-M but this time with EXO-K to form the mega group, EXO.  G-Dragon is one of the most well known figures in KPop music with leading the talented, Big Bang, but holding his ground as his own man and artist with special guest performer, Missy Elliot from the world of hip-hop music in the Western world.  2AM came through to hit the powerful notes in their ballads while f(x) showed off their spunk with their set.  Teen Top showcased their extravagant youthfulness while Korean hip-hop was alive and well with Dynamic Duo.  Henry proved that he alone can do well as a solo artist outside of Super Junior M, and Crayon Pop electrifies the stage with their new found recent popularity.

There are plenty of events to promote the love of not just the genre of KPop, but also the entire culture.  There are panels, performances, showcases, workshops, sponsor’s booths, and opportunities for fan meets with their favorite idols with creative games and scavenger hunts.

It’s also an event for the fans.  Many fan groups for particular idol groups or solo artists have booths selling fan made goods and much more.  Many of the 2013 KCON performers had fan bases that are representing while there are even more that have made their presence known despite the artist not being present at this edition.

What’s a Korean event without Korean food?  Korean cuisine has been making headlines across the Hallyu Wave with its creative twists of its classic dishes with new modern fusions.  Sweet deserts, healthy vegetarian delights, hearty meaty dishes, and old school herbal teas have made its way into the lives of all Koreaboos, young and old.

Not only was this a stand alone event, but with the collaboration with MNet, they were able to bring the brand known as “M! Countdown” to American soil for the first time.  This is known as one of the top music programs in all of Korea.  In this edition, some of the artists premiered some of their new singles and concepts for the first time with a brand new audience.

What made it stand out more this time was the addition of a more improved fan meet with the possibility to participate in a high touch, Q&A, autograph sessions, and much more. Many tears were shed as they had an opportunity of a lifetime to meet their favorite idols. It also became a war zone to get the opportunity to attend the fan meets and to position themselves to get the best possible view, but hey, the passion was totally there.

KCON 2013 Facebook photos

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