Hot Import Nights 2014


Hot Import Nights 2014

On June 28th, 2014, the staff at Sturdy Pine ventured to the Santa Clara Convention Center to cover the annual Hot Import Nights. It is the second year in a row where this extravagant event is held in this venue, this time now across the street from the new 49ers’ home stadium, Levi’s Stadium.

At this event, we were treated to what everyone came for which was awesome cars, beautiful models, and a good time. Everyone was treated with all three.

Also this year, they had a brand new event called “Hackerthon” which was sponsored by AT&T. This event showcased brand new apps that would potentially help benefit your driving experience. It was very informative and can totally see a lot of people investing in these apps to enhance the experience behind the wheel.

It wouldn’t be complete without the annual gogo dancing competition. Right below we have our footage of the competition in addition to photos of the models and cars. We also have our Facebook photos of the event in the bottom as well. Enjoy!

Hot Import Nights 2014 Facebook photos


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