KCON 2014 Pre Event Blog Day 1

KCON 2014 logo

Hey there! It’s Timtastic. Sturdy Pine has recently been approved to cover KCON 2014. I shall be writing my thoughts about things to look forward to along with JNDrama who will be writing his own separate articles. Everyday, a new article will be posted singling one thing attendees should look forward to. It’s also for those that can’t attend to give them things to watch out for on MNet America’s various networks.

First of all, we should look forward to one of the headline acts, G-Dragon of Big Bang. Although he has headlined the 2013 edition, 2014 looks extremely promising as he has refined his performances. If his last year’s performance was anything to be excited about, this year is one that can’t be missed.

In the previous year, he had a special guest in the name of rap icon, Missy Elliot. Together, they showed that when East meets West, they can make awesome music. The question was how would it work out? Would GD perform in English? Can Missy rap in Korean? It all worked out in the end as they performed a never before heard song, “Niliria”. This means this year, he could even potentially have another special guest. There are rumors of a Big Bang comeback, and he may have some tricks up his sleeve as he has brought out various members on his solo dome tour.

G-Dragon himself is more than capable of headlining the event. Since last year, he has garnered hit after hit to the point where he has a pretty strong catalog of music to perform. He is one of the few artists in not only KPop, but also music overall that can successfully jump around in different genres without sounding forced. His solo songs are more than adequate enough where he doesn’t have to lean on Big Bang’s discography or his GD&TOP sub-unit work.

He will be headlining the Saturday portion on August 9th, 2014 at the Los Angeles Sports Arena in Los Angeles, CA.

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