KCON 2014 Pre Event Coverage Blog Day 3

KCON 2014 logo

It’s Timtastic once again for another daily blog covering what to look forward to when KCON 2014 rolls around. We at Sturdy Pine will be highlighting things that we could all look forward to from performances, workshops, panels, booths, sponsors, and the overall experience.

Today, we’re going to highlight the “Dance All Day Workshop”. You can either dance to whatever you feel like or learn choreography of some of the most well known music videos/performances in the world of KPop.

Obviously, a fellow like me needs all the help possible. I am not the one to know how to dance to anything due to a lack of skill, rhythm, and guts. With the help of trained professionals, I may get to learn how to dance at least decently.

There are many workshops such as learning the choreography to G-Dragon’s “Crooked” and Girls’ Generation’s “Mr. Mr.”. I think by the end of the workshop, we could almost be as good as they are.

Some of these workshops are being taught by the one and only, Aimee Lee Lucas who has worked with such artists as G-Dragon, Park Bom, Taeyang, and Se7en. Her ability to teach others how to dance will rub off on even newbies such as myself. “Dance All Day” will literally be going on all day on both Saturday and Sunday. Bring your sweat towels because it’s going to be hot outside especially with all the dancing that’s going to happen.

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