KCON 2014 Pre Event Blog Day 4

KCON 2014 logo

Hey guys! It’s Timtastic once again with another installment of the KCON 2014 pre event coverage. At this year’s edition, there are two concerts, however, not everyone is able to attend both concerts. Some people opt to only attend one, or they just can only afford to pick one night. KCON has it covered for those that feel like they’re going to be left out.

Instead of having everyone go home or back to their hotels because everyone is inside the arena, KCON has decided to turn their outdoor stage into a viewing area for a nice movie night. Nothing feels better than the cool Southern California breeze while watching some great Korean cinema.

On Saturday evening, we are privileged to be able to catch EXO’s “XOXO”. Sure the members aren’t going to be there, but I’m sure it should at least satisfy the cravings for all the Exotics. On Sunday, you can catch the movie “Sunny”. If you can’t catch Sunny from Girls’ Generation, you could at least catch the movie which she does not star in.

KCON has you covered whether you’re attending the concert or not. The KCON market should be open so enjoy the great outdoor environment, the movies, and the experience of hanging out with friends new and old.

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