B1A4’s “Road Trip” concert

B1A4 Road Trip

On October 11th, 2014, B1A4 made their final stop on the U.S. leg of their “Road Trip” world tour in San Francisco, CA at the legendary Warfield venue. The Warfield is a venue where many legends across all genres have performed at. It marked their third time performing in the state of California in 2014 alone with previous performances at the Korea Music Festival and KCON 2014. This one was more special because this time, the spotlight was on them as they were the sole performers.

As someone who has seen them previously, I have enjoyed their previous performances even though they were just limited to four songs at KMF and KCON.  I wouldn’t actually call myself a BANA since I did not buy any of their music as of this writing. I went as a person who supports KPop especially when a major act performs at a local venue. Usually, I become a fan of a group when they put together great performances thus causing me to support them by buying their music.

As for the previous KPop experience at The Warfield, I have only attended the U-Kiss show, but I was situated in the nose bleed area. This time for B1A4, I was settled in the floor area with all the other hardcore BANAs that shelled out big money to see them give their all for two hours.

Anytime a group actually has a band to support them, it adds to the performance experience. That’s exactly what happened. The backup band received almost as much pop as the idols themselves.

I wouldn’t know what songs they did considering I’m not too aware of their discography besides their hits from the past two years. I can say that they performed very well and played into the crowd. The great thing was that there weren’t too many intermissions. They only changed maybe twice which meant they kept on going.  What actually surprised me was that there was no sub unit or solo performances since I’ve seen that at every concert. B1A4 performed together at all times. One fan actually got lucky and spent some quality time on stage with all five members. I’m sure she will have great stories to tell her fellow friends.

As someone who resides in the Bay Area, I’m glad they decided to stop in San Francisco as part of their West Coast portion of the tour.  As a KPop fan that constantly has to travel to So Cal for the KPop fix, it’s very appreciative that they came up here for once as opposed to going to Los Angeles for the third time. I did like that they put as many performances into a two hour block as possible even after they announced that they were almost done performing. B1A4 also did spend some time with the fans the day prior and even participated in a flash mob. They are more than welcomed to come back for more performances which they did say they hoped to do.

Written by: Mr. Timtastic

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