Infinite’s “One Great Step” concert

Infinite One Great Step

On November 11th, 2013, the guys of Infinite ascended on the grounds of the Event Center on the campus of San Jose State University in of course, San Jose, CA as part of their U.S. portion of the “One Great Step” tour.

At this point, I was not aware what songs they did except their current single at the time, “Man in Love” and the Infinite-H hit, “Special Girl”. I went to support KPop in San Jose. I also have a habit of becoming a fan pending on their concert performance. My knowledge on them was limited at best and had to ask friends and fellow concert goers more about them.

The show was amazing as there was pyro everywhere and lasers that beamed all over the place. There was non stop screaming. There was also a theme to the show about fighting hatred with love. It was cool to see a storyline unravel as they went to do a wardrobe change.

The fan service was amazing. The members of the group reached the fans no matter where they sat. Sure, those that paid the big bucks to be up front got the most interaction, but the folks that were in the nose bleeds got to be close too as Infinite went into the stands to perform and made their rounds through the venue. Everyone got a chance to be close at some point. Another great memory one could have was when the members threw things into the crowd such as teddy bears and paper planes with messages.

I also applaud them for attempting to speak English.  I know their English isn’t top notch and needed a teleprompter to speak, but hey, it’s the effort that counts.

After watching the concert, I grew more respect for Infinite as a group.  There are groups with a deeper discography that have done shorter concerts.  Infinite performed for well over 3 hours with sub units, solo performances, and of course the group ones.  There was a mix of ballads, choreography, stage presence, fan service, and great production.

Written by: Mr. Timtastic

Infinite’s “One Great Step” concert photos

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