2AM’s “Nocturne in Christmas” concert review

2AM- Nocturne in Christmas

On December 15th, 2013, 2AM performed their first ever concert on their own on American soil at the famed Club Nokia at LA Live in Downtown Los Angeles.  2AM were no strangers to serenading in LA as they performed at KCON earlier in the year.  This time, they were the sole act with all the attention on them.

I was somewhat familiar with them having seeing them perform at KCON, but wasn’t familiar with their discography outside of “One Spring Day”.  Like other groups, I often become fans of an artist after seeing them live in concert.  Live performances often make or break it for certain artists.  I was a skeptic considering they were a ballad group, and I’m used to idols moving constantly almost 100% of the time.

Not only did they perform all of their previous discography, but they also did songs on their most recent release, “Nocturne”.  In addition to their discography, they also did special solo sets to showcase their individuality.  Seulong further showed his abilities to hold the stage himself, Jo Kwon displayed his flamboyance, Changmin wowed the audience with his background in theater, and Jinwoon did his best to perform without moving much due to getting into an accident weeks prior to the concert.  Sure, they’re known to be a ballad group, but they proved they can do what the other idol groups can do too.

I was very impressed with their performance because it takes a toll trying to sing at a high level.  It’s harder to hit those notes for a certain amount of time than to dance.  Many other KPop groups have no choice but to lip sync.  2AM took no shortcuts as they actually had to legitimately sing since that is their specialty.

I really do give props to them for attempting to speak the hard language of English.  It’s already hard enough having to learn the other languages in Asia.  They did speak it at a limited level, but in the end, they had to resort to their bread and butter language which is Korean.  They did say some funny things when they took the time to speak with the IAMs in attendance.

This concert did elevate them up my unofficial rankings of my favorite groups.  Their performance convinced me to invest my money into their music which I do not regret at all.  It actually is one of the better KPop concerts centered on a specific artist I have attended.

Written by: Mr. Timtastic

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