Momoiro Clover Z’s “Moon Pride” EP review

Sailor Moon Crystal

Artist: Momoiro Clover Z

Album: “Moon Pride”

Label: Evil Line Records

Year: 2014


As a hardcore fan of the Sailor Moon series, I was excited when it was going to get rebooted into Sailor Moon Crystal.  Obviously, the original theme song, “Moonlight Densetsu” was not going to come back which meant a new theme song was going to get brewed up, thus “Moon Pride” was born.

As someone who attempts to buy as many things Sailor Moon related as possible, I had to get this three song EP just so I can channel my feels.  Unfortunately, I wasn’t too familiar with the group that performed the new theme songs, Momoiro Clover Z.


The titled song was good enough to be held on its own.  The guitar rifts are enough to get the blood pumping.  The song paired with the video or intro is enough to get one very hyped up.

The other songs “Gekkou” and “Moon Revenge” were decent as well.  “Gekkou” is the closing theme while “Moon Revenge” is the B side.  “Gekkou” is the opposite of “Moon Pride” with its more down tempo feel while “Moon Revenge” brings back some of the hype.


Just like how everyone wasn’t too familiar with the new reboot, people were not too familiar with the new song as well.  I don’t blame old school fans for not feeling it as they didn’t feel too comfortable with it.  People pair the original Sailor Moon series with “Moonlight Densetsu”.

Like a lot of EPs, it was totally too short.  It was understandable as it was to promote the new anime series.


As this is the first time I decided to check out their music, this EP helped introduce me to Momoiro Clover Z.  Maybe they have some other music that went under the radar outside of this anime series.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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