Teen Top’s “Teen Top Class” EP review

Teen Top- Rocking

Artist: Teen Top

Album: “Teen Top Class”

Label: TOP Media

Year: 2014


After seeing the guys of Teen Top perform at KCON 2013, I saw that they had potential to break through in the crowded world of KPop.  I wasn’t a fan of their song, “Miss Right” at all, so I had extremely low expectations.  When they premiered “Rocking” for the first time, I was sold.  I felt I should give them a chance to see what they had to offer a first time listener.


The good thing is that pretty much all their songs are listenable.  There’s a mix of a hip-hop and electronic influence which is the norm nowadays.  I didn’t find myself having to skip any of the tracks including the intro song. “Rocking” was a good track to build around with many decent supporting songs.


In their song, “Rock Star” they reference “Hustlin’ all day” which kind of bugs me because in my personal opinion, as long as they’re a boy band which caters to mostly young girls, they should be the last people to try to be hard.  As a person with a hip-hop background, I found the song laughable because when I see Teen Top, I don’t see them as being hustlers.  Seriously, what do they really hustle?


I would recommend this EP not just for Teen Top fans since they’ll already gobble it up, but I’d recommend it for someone who wants a short album without any album fillers.  It’s a solid album. It’s good, but not great.

Overall rating: 3/5

Reviewed by: Mr. Timtastic

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